# Number Description Qty.
genuine accessories; connection for external; audio sources; usb hard-drive; usb memory stick; adapter
genuine accessories; usb hard-drive; usb memory stick; *no 'fi' function possible
1 8R0063827A usb hard-drive; decor/finish:; to use for:; 500 GB; 'LEGENDS'; 'AUDI MUSIC; INTERFACE+PC' 1
2 8R0063827C usb memory stick; black; 4 GB 1
2 8R0063827D usb memory stick; white; 4 GB 1
2 8R0063827E usb memory stick; red; 4 GB 1
genuine accessories; adapter
3 4F0051510F adapter; '3,5MM KLINKE' 1
3 4F0051510T adapter; '3,5MM KLINKE' 1
4 4F0051510K adapter; IPHONE,IPOD; 'CLASSIC'; 'MINI','NANO'; 'PHOTO'; 'VIDEO' 1
4,7 4F0051510P adapter; adapter cable loom; contains:; IPHONE,IPOD; 'CLASSIC',; 'MINI','NANO'; 'PHOTO,VIDEO'; 'USB'; POS.4,7 1
5 4F0051510H adapter; 'MINI-USB' 1
6 4F0051510M adapter; 'MICRO-USB' 1
7 4F0051510G adapter; 'USB' 1
7 4F0051510Q adapter; 'USB' 1
7,10 4F0051510S adapter; adapter cable loom; contains:; not for:; USB & IPOD; IPAD, IPHONE,; IPOD NANO 5G; IPOD NANO 6G; IPOD TOUCH 1G; IPOD TOUCH 2G; IPOD TOUCH 3G; IPOD TOUCH 4G; POS.7,10; PR-8AJ,8DY,; 8YQ; 'MMI3G+,RMC'; "CN.", "ROK"; "J.." 1
9 4F0051510N adapter; 'CINCH'; 'RCA-JACK'; 'MMI3G+,RMC' 1
8 4F0051510J adapter; not in combination with:; 'BLUETOOTH'; 'MMI3G'; PR-7Q0 1
9 4F0051510AA adapter; 'CINCH'; 'RCA-JACK'; 'MMI3G+,RMC' 1
10 4F0051510R adapter with authentication; chip; 'IPOD CLASSIC'; 'MINI','NANO',; 'PHOTO',; 'VIDEO' 1
- 8P0051510 wiring set adapter for; aux-in socket; 2X; '3,5MM KLINKE'; 'AUX-IN' 1